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Killington Real Estate Sales - 2022

Nearly every category of real estate sales in Killington broke records and marked all-time highs in 2021. 2022 continued the remarkable trend through the first three quarters, but dropped dramatically in Q-4 due to high interest rates, inflation, soaring housing prices and fears of recession. The following statistics and charts highlight the key market sectors and include statistics from 2006 to present. 


Total Number of Sales in Killington - All Property Types: 169 (down 37% from an all-time high of 269 in 2021)


Total Single-Family Home Sales in Killington: 15 (down 50% from 30 in 2022 and down 78% from the all-time high of 67 in 2021) Median Price $725,000 (up 1% from $717,000 in 2022); avg days on market (DOM) 13 vs 48 DOM in 2022. Low inventory was also a major contributor to the decline in number of sales, further driving up prices across the spectrum and reducing time on market to an all-time low.

Total Multi-Family Homes: 7 (down from 8 in 2021)

Total Full Ownership Condos: 85 (down 43% from an all-time high of 147 in 2021) Median Price $400,000 (up 54% from $259,000 in 2021 and an all-time high) avg DOM 43 vs 28 in 2021, but only 22 DOM if Mountain Green condos are excluded (Mountain Green announced an enormous special assessment, resulting in a flooding of the market with inventory). Again, low inventory overall contributed to lower sales, higher prices and shorter time on market. 

Total Interval Ownership Condos: 29 (up 12% from 26 in 2021) Median Price $68,000 (up 39% from $49,000 in 2021); avg DOM 39 vs 129 in 2021. Killington Pico Realty is proud to be the #2 firm in total sales at the magnificent Killington Grand Hotel.

Total Land Sales: 16 (down from 17 in 2021) Median Price $149,000 (up from $95,000 in 2021); avg DOM 55 (down from 130 in 2021)

Total Commercial Sales: 2 (down from 4 in 2021)



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