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Killington Real Estate Sales - November 2011

Sales in November improved again, marking the best month in volume since May and the highest median sales price since March 2011. There were 8 sales in Killington in November 2011, comprised of a single-family home on Anthony Way and 7 full-0wnership condominium sales. The condo sales included a 1BR Mountain Green at an all-new low price point, a 1BR with loft at Highridge, and a number of larger townhouse style condos, including a 3BR Hemlock Ridge at a deep discount, a 3BR Colony Club at market value, a 3BR Sunrise townhouse style unit, a 3BR Lodges condo at a new low price point, and a Topridge townhouse at market value.

The median sales price in Killington in November 2011 was $218,750. Please click the link below to see all of the real estate sales in Killington in Noveber 2011.

November 2011 Sales

Killington Real Estate Sales - October 2011

As predicted, October showed improvement over recent months, with 6 real estate transactions - the best month since July. Of the 6 sales, three were homes, including a camp with 115 acres, a small two-family on Dean Hill Road and a small chalet on George Street. Two of the sales were condos, including a 3BR Special at Pinnacle and a 3BR at Sunrise. There was also one land sale, a 1.8 acre lot on East Mountain Road, which sold at $35,000 - such an inexplicably low price, there must be some extenuating circumstances, e.g. it was not an arm's length transaction, maybe the septic permit was no longer valid, etc.

The median sales price in October also rebounded to $190,000. Please click below to view the homes and condominiums that sold in Killington during October 2011.

October 2011 Sales

Killington Real Estate Sales - September 2011

September was a tough month for real estate sales in Vermont - it was a tough month for everyone in Vermont due to the devastating flooding from tropical storm Irene. But Vermont recovered quickly and once the roads re-opened, Vermont was back in business. While only three real estate transactions closed in Killington in September, demand was strong and showing activity increased dramatically once the roads were passable, which should result in good numbers for October. The September sales included a two-family home on Ives Road, a 3BR quarter-share at the Killington Grand Hotel and a 3BR at Pinnacle.

The median selling price, not including the interval ownership sale, was $182,500, but like last month, with so few sales, this figure is not statistically meaningful. In spite of it being impossible to travel to or from Vermont for most of the month, Killington still mustered up one more sale than in August.

Please click the link below to see the two full-ownership sales that closed in September.

September 2011 Sales