Killington Real Estate Sales - 2013

2013 Killington Real Estate Sales Summary

Total Number of Sales: 118 (up 12% from 2012)

Total Single Family Homes: 21 (down from 26 in 2012) Median Price $255,000 (up 14% from 2012)

Total Multi-Family Homes: 0 (down from 3 in 2012)

Total Full Ownership Condos: 61 (up from 58 in 2012) Median Price $134,000 (down 9% from 2012)

Total Interval Ownership Condos: 25 (up from 10 in 2012) Median Price $25,000 (down 15% from


Killington Real Estate Sales - May 2013

May real estate salesimproved to 13transactions, the best month since November 2012 and similar to May2012, when there were 11 sales.All13 saleswere condominiums-10 full-ownership condos,2 interval units and one condex. The full-ownership condos included a studio and a1BR Mountain Green, a Whiffletree 2BR, Fall Line 1BR, 3 Highridge condos, [...]

Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act

As a Realtor in the Killington area, the impact of Biggert-Waters on property values is already evident. On the recent sale of a property in Woodstock, the previous owner paid $1700/year for flood insurance. Under Biggert-Waters, the new owners rates went up to $8800 - a five-fold increase in the premium. A property listed in Chittenden, [...]

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