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Killington Real Estate Sales - August 2011

I know, I'm still behind on updates, but catching up. From this post, you probably won't believe that this has been a good year in real estate, but as we get to September and beyond, we'll make up some ground.

In August of 2011, there were just two real estate transactions in Killington, which is the lowest figure since I've been writing this blog. The sales consisted of a small 1BR home, actually more like a 4-season camp, on River Road, which sold for $130,000 and a 2BR Pico condominium, which sold for $102,00. The median selling price dropped from $199,000 in July, to just $116,000 in August, but with so few sales, this is not statistically meaningful.

Please click the link below to seethe two propertiesthat sold in July:

August 2011 Sales

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